See what our past students have to say about our Courses!

“Loved each and every day of class! I cannot believe I’m now confident enough to open my own mobile grooming business! Couldn’t be happier or more thankful of the amazing team at Dog Diversity!”

Tori, 2016 student and owner of Tori’s Pooch Parlour

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“I cannot recommend Dog Diversity enough. I just completed a 4 week grooming course and the guidance and support I received throughout was just amazing. The staff and trainers are incredible and it’s such a good environment to learn in. I have so much more confidence now and have learnt everything I need to get myself going in this industry. Sad my time here is over! Thank you everyone at Dog Diversity!”

Rhe, 2018 student

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"...I really have been enjoying this course so much. You have an absolutely amazing team, I know that you know this already but if you could pass on my thanks to everyone. Taylan, Lisa, Arrow and Colleen they are wonderful and patient trainers there has never been a moment that I felt I could not ask a question. I always felt supported and safe and it has been really interesting seeing how differently they all do the same task each having there own flare to bring to the table. Paula, Steph  and Fi are little (well big actually) rays of sunshines and they bring such energy to the shop. I have loved having catch ups with them. 

It is a little scary going it alone soon but the fact that you are all still open to questions and help means the world to me. You and Anna exude such warmth, kindness and devotion to the business and I feel very lucky that life has led me to your doors. I would never have imagined 10 years ago that I would be in Australia let alone embarking on a career in dog grooming! I am happy and looking forward to all the new adventures that come my way. "

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HOLLY, past student June 2018


"Please pass on to your team there a very special thank you for all their support and guidance throughout our time there. It was an awesome experience and I love the fact Nat rang to check up on me during the week. You guys are amazing. I now have my business up and running and am enjoying every moment."

Simone, former student and owner at Smooch Ya Pooch

"A huge thank you to the team at Dog Diversity for giving me the training and the confidence that I needed to go out and make my dream a reality. The instructors are a great bunch of girls and are right there with you - every step of the way. The course is very informative and the bulk of it is ‘hands on’ the best way to learn. After 24 years in retail, I am now running my own mobile dog grooming business and finally working in the industry I always wanted."

- Sharon, former student and owner at Pristine Paws Dog Wash and Grooming


"I would like to thank you very much for not only teaching me so many skills but also guiding me towards my current employer.   

My experience with Dog Diversity was brilliant.  When I visited the school,  I had little to no experience or knowledge of the industry.  I came away very confident in the skills I had been taught to make a successful start to my career.  Your teachers, while being experts in their field, were able to effectively present and communicate their ideas which helped me immensely.  Nat is a very caring and helpful teacher who is a tribute to the education of new dog groomers. 

I continue to learn new things everyday at Dogs Day Afternoon in Albert Park.  As the saying goes, "if you love your job, you will never work another day in your life," which is certainly true for me. "

- JP, former student and staff member at Dogs Day Afternoon

"The dogs and students are number 1 at Dog Diversity. The whole philosophy of Dog Diversity is about caring for the dogs, doing what's best for them. This is passed on to students as an essential aspect of dog grooming. The quality of the training was excellent. With two students to one trainer in the grooming room the attention and support exceeded my expectations, enabling me to gain some confidence early on. The trainers are incredibly experienced groomers with both the patience and skill to share this with their students. Overall this was an outstanding learning experience for me that has set me up well to begin my journey into the world of dog grooming! Thank you Dog Diversity!" 

- Rachael, former student and SOI DOG ambassador





“If you are considering a dog grooming course I recommend Dog Diversity. You learn in a real salon environment and the teachers are extremely experienced and really supportive. They focus on bringing out your individual strengths as a groomer and help you work on your weaknesses. The class sizes are small with a good student to trainer ratio and you get lots of hands on experience. I would definitely recommend Dog Diversity Grooming School.“

Saffy, 2018 student

“Man !!! I feel so sad it's now over but SO happy you guys taught me how to do it the right way... Thank you SO so much... Nat, Anna, Rachael, Channy, Gen, Maggie, Jake and Lollie I will miss you thanks for being so supportive and so giving with you time, knowledge ... Loved every minute. Can't wait to continue and give my doggies an even better hairstyle, this time with even legs.”

Nicola, 2016 student and owner at She Walks

"My experience at Dog Diversity was brilliant. All the staff and teachers are lovely and very knowledgeable on the grooming industry. The 4 week course gives a great start into dog grooming. I learnt all the basics as well as some more advanced things in the last couple of weeks. Not only did I learn how to groom dogs but I also learnt a lot about dog handling and care which is so essential for a dog groomer! With a wide range of breeds coming in to be groomed by the students, I felt like I got experience in many different areas of dog grooming, allowing me to learn as much as possible. Upon leaving Dog Diversity I felt well prepared and confident in finding a job as a dog groomer. 18 months since doing the 4 week course, I now groom dogs full time through my own business and through a local vet clinic."

- Charlotte, former student and owner at K9 Creative Dog Grooming


"In early 2013 I decided that it was time to leave my Corporate I.T. Job and have a chance of career.  After doing my research on the Internet I decided to contact the people at Dog Diversity to inquire about their dog grooming course.  From my initial phone call I knew I was in for a well structured course that would give me the skills I wanted to gain.  I booked in for the June 2013 Certificate III in Companion Animal Services, which focused on dog grooming.  The quality of the training was fantastic and was conducted in a calm and friendly atmosphere.  Each of the trainers are extremely good at teaching even someone like me who had never groomed a dog before.  Nat West the owner of Dog Diversity went over and above what would be expected from doing a 4 week course and helped me with lots of additional information to help me set up and start my own dog grooming business.  The doors of my business have now been open for 2 years. I know that a big part of my success it due to the training and the ongoing support I received from the crew at Dog Diversity."

- Brett, former student and owner/operator of The Dogs Lounge, Thornbury

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 "Thank you to Nat, Anna, Rachael et al. for all the training. I started in my garage from scratch in June and now my husband and I have built a doggy salon so that I can work from home and so far I have had a reasonable amount of customers from my area (more than I expected!) I live on a main road and since we made a shop front from our garage I hope we will be growing over the coming warm season. I have all my certificates on display also within the salon and thank you all very much for your guidance. I hope you guys are proud of me, as much as I am proud of myself!!! Also looking to adopt a rescue dog too, which is in the works....I love dogs xx"

- Victoria, former student and owner at Puppy Love Day Spa


"Maggie and Rach were really great trainers. It was a lot to take in at first but they were excellent at showing me the techniques and making me feel more confident to keep going."

- Brent, former student

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``It was lovely to meet you and all of the wonderful staff today.  I had a great experience and everyone was so friendly and helpful – it was just brilliant.  Everyone was so nice and encouraging and I felt like I was in excellent hands even though I was a little nervous.  If you could please pass on my thanks especially to Nat and Tam for being so patient and my gratitude for their excellent tuition I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again to all of you.  Oh – and my husband and son were very impressed!``

- Heidi, DIY student, September 2015


"I thought the course would be hard but it flew by so fast! Those fun dogs were a challenge some days but now I have a real instinct for their behaviour. I loved it! Thanks"

- Jenny, former student


"I would like to say a huge thank you to all the amazing ladies for helping me learn the skills and techniques I needed to be a dog groomer. I've now got my own business and I absolutely love it."

- Maddy, former student and owner at Maddy's Muddy Paws


"It's been almost a year and a half since I completed my course at Dog Diversity and my wonderful trainers are still inside my head each and every day I go to work!

Every time I spot a little lump on a doggie or notice something funny on it's skin, like a rash or an injury, or the times I start considering that maybe I need to stop grooming and inform the owner, I always remember Rachael and her persistence on such matters. Her voice also pops into my head each time I'm bending awkwardly, "Watch out for your back." 

The first few months working as a professional groomer there were a lot of times where I was a bit timid of certain dogs. That's where Chantelle would pop in saying "take a deep breath, relax and keep going.One day it will all fall into place and the fear will magically go away" 

Even till this day when I need to groom an aggressive dog I always build up confidence and persistence through the voice of Maggie saying "Chrissa, the day will come where I won't be there to help you " 

My trainers are my little gems and I will always look up to them with utmost respect for helping me become the groomer I am today, under the leadership of Natalie West saying with a calm voice "Humanity before Vanity " and keeping a watchful eye from a distance. "

- Chrissa, former student


"Thank you so much for the time I spent with you in Melbourne. You made me feel so welcome , it didn't feel like I was away from home in Adelaide.

The course itself was so well run and organized, with full day bookings every day of the week for dogs for the duration of the course. With only four students at a time for the whole course you get one on one teaching, which has given me great confidence and knowledge to run my own business .

I love the way Dog Diversity teaches you the way to groom for the well- being of the dog, not for vanity at all . I have carried that on in my business.

Everyone is so approachable. If your`re struggling, everyone puts in the extra teaching to get you past that point and even after-care from the girls. If you need advice and send them a message or ring them, they are there, as I have done many times since completing my course .

This course was full on, 100% hands on , 100% teaching & support. What we learnt, you cant do on a one night a week course or a week course. I'm so pleased I made the decision to travel to do the course @ Dog Diversity, and I so miss all the girls (staff) of dog diversity , especially Rach, Selby, Maggie, Nat and Anna & Mama who made my whole experience so enjoyable, thank you. Best of all the Melbourne girls I did the course with; Kim, Eva& Jess, wow -  we had a great time, and thanks to Facebook we are all still in contact, which is great for comparing experiences (hey Kim - lol.)

I 100% recommend Dog Diversity if your`re serious about a career in dog grooming”

- Nicky, former student and owner at Surf Dogz


"I would just like to say a big thank you for the 2 week course in August I did with you and your wonderful team to get to where I am now so thanks everyone."

- Emily, former student and owner/operator at Whistle Me Clean


"I had so much fun laughing and working with the other students and the instructors, Rach and Maggie. Thanks for making it enjoyable!" 

- Brooke, former student

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"I am very fortunate to have completed my professional dog grooming course at Dog Diversity.  It was like an “immersion” training course, where you eat, live, breathe & sleep all things dog grooming in the most pleasant environment possible. It was intense at times but the trainers are experts -  perfectionists who pass on their expertise and make you want to be the best you can be.  I can’t think of anywhere I would rather have trained and I appreciated the kindness of these wonderful ladies. Thank you so much Nat and ladies for making me a dog groomer in such a friendly and supportive environment.   I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dog Diversity to anyone who wants to have the best training possible."

- Di, former student