Fireworks and Pets

Nothing says it’s the holiday season like a beautiful display of fireworks, however a lot of pets can find fireworks extremely frightening resulting in thousands of pets demonstrating destructive behaviour, escaping from their properties and injuring themselves.

It is very important to ensure your pet is safe and secure when fireworks are anticipated, and ensure that some steps are undertaken to help reduce any negative experiences.  

Make sure that your pet is completely identifiable with a microchip, collar I.D tag, and most importantly that all contact details are up to date.

Try to keep your pets inside during fireworks. It might be a good idea to close any blinds or curtains and create a comfortable hiding place where your pets can feel safe. Having the TV or some music on may help to distract them and mask the noise outside.

Direct supervision is important to help prevent injury or escape. If possible, try and be home with your pets during firework events, as this will make them less anxious. If you are unable to be home, try and get a pet sitter or consider boarding to ensure they will be supervised.

Try and take your dog out for exercise before the fireworks, as a tired dog will less likely to be anxious during the night.

Avoid fussing over your pets excessively and try to engage them in normal activities. Make sure to reward them when they are calm with treats and their favourite toys.

Synthetic pheromone products such as diffusers or collars are worth trying. These products imitate the natural pheromones of their mothers, helping to give a sense of reassurance, reducing anxiety and stress.

Rescue Remedy Bach flowers can be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, along with using a diffuser with essential oils such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ylang ylang, Neroli and/or sweet Marjoram.

Staying calm and providing a safe and relaxed environment during these festive seasons will lead to happier pets and owners and most importantly, a reduction of lost and injured pets this year.

Let’s all have a safe and Happy New Year!