Two Week Course - a Practical Introduction to Dog Grooming

If you are just starting out, a Dog Diversity 2 Week Short Course will provide you with an understanding of basic industry specific grooming techniques in a safe and stress-free environment. We provide you with a training manual, both of our DVDs with how-to's on popular breed clips, and an optional workbook for you to complete alongside the practical training if you want to delve right in. Occasionally this 10 day course is offered as n 8 day course.

You will learn correct bathing and brushing techniques, basic animal handling, basic clipping and scissoring skills, nail clipping, maintenance of equipment, breed ID,  and touch on canine first aid, OHS and customer service. On request, we can provide you with start-up advice and business coaching.



JUNE 2 WEEK SHORT COURSE - Monday 24th June to Friday 5th July - 1 spot left

JULY 2 WEEK SHORT COURSE - Monday 29th July to Friday 9th August - 1 spot left


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