Designed for pups 8-16 weeks of age, Puppy School is a wonderful introduction to life experiences, socialisation and basic requests such as sit, drop, stay and recall. At this time in your pup's life it is critical that he become familiar with different sounds, that he gets to learn how to play appropriately, and gets to meet a variety of people.

What better way to do this than training in a safe environment with pups of a similar age? Puppy School covers basic exercises such as sit, drop, recall, calm, on your mat, polite meetings of other people/puppies and behavioural information such as socialisation, play stances, leadership, on leash behaviour, biting, toilet training, environmental enrichment and more. Puppy School at Dog Diversity is conducted by the qualified and dedicated staff at Hairy Hounds Playground in Williamstown.



The following courses will run to schedule providing there is no excessive temperature forcing cancellations. Minimum of 3 pups for class to commence (MAX 6). Pups must be younger than 15 weeks to commence class.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Our new course will commence WITHOUT your pup in week 1. This allows owners to concentrate on information rather than a wriggly puppy. What is covered in Week 1:

  • Positive Reinforcement Training and why it works,
  • Jumping, biting, toilet training,
  • Environmental enrichment,
  • Socialising your puppy,
  • Exercising your puppy,
  • Harnesses, collars and leads.

PLEASE note - owners must attend week 1 in order to commence the course.  (Please chat to your trainer on (03) 9397 3044 to discuss alternative options if you’re unable to attend week 1 - Instructor - Christie / Sharon)



Commences Wednesday 11th April at 7pm and runs for 5 weeks

Then May 23rd at 7 pm is the next cycle.



The 5 week course costs $150.



To register for Puppy School please call Hairy Hounds directly on (03) 9397 3044, or fill in the form below and HH will be in touch with you shortly.

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You will need to download, print and fill in this Puppy Profile form, and bring it to your first class with you. Click the button to download.


Congratulations on taking these first, crucial steps with your pup. Next stop? Super Puppy!