A letter from our Director of Education, Natalie West

Hi there!

Welcome to Dog Diversity and the Blue Wheelers Grooming Training Program. 

Dog Diversity prides itself on developing courses and education for every aspect of the grooming industry. While not undertaken in a mobile salon, you will be given the opportunity to develop strong skills as a mobile pet groomer by undertaking this course.

You are about to embark on a 4-day intensive practical program. This course will deliver you at least the 3 main breed head types. These 3 breeds are the foundation for grooming the majority of the dogs you will clip and set you well on your path to becoming an accomplished groomer.

Grooming takes time to master, in-fact, we never stop learning! While you are studying at Dog Diversity, you will meet other students who are embarking on a 4-week program. This training is delivered very differently. Blue Wheelers has a built-in help and support system that is unavailable to these other students.

Other students do not have the luxury of belonging to an outstanding franchise and have different learning needs. There should be no comparison to your training program with us. Your initial and post training support supplied by Blue Wheelers have proven to be a long-term success formula that has no equal in the grooming industry. 

If you feel you require further training on completion of our course, we can arrange that at your convenience. Blue Wheelers and Dog Diversity are committed to your success. We are looking forward to your training and hope you enjoy your time with us.

Warm Regards,

Natalie West 


Just before we start, let’s warm up with a quick Breed ID Quiz. This quiz is scored, but you don’t need 100% to pass. It’s just a warm up to get you into the swing of things. You might need to do a bit of poking around the Australian National Kennel Council website. Hint: open it in another tab before you start the quiz